Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Bounty that is Toledo

Some of my favorite pictures from my four months at The Blade.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Lily, a 2-year old English Bulldog, lounges in the sun on the lawn of her grandmother, Pam Horne, on a spectacular weekend afternoon on Middlesex Drive in Toledo.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Steve Napierala Jr., left, loosens screws on his Allis Chalmer 1965 Baldwin Gleaner combine with his uncle Casper Napierala on a recent Sunday afternoon in Holland. The two were stripping the machine and taking the parts they could salvage. "This was a long time coming," said Steve, who purchased the combine five years ago.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG While the rest of the kindergarten of Ft. Miami Elementary School performed "Music in Our School" in Maumee, Cody Mockensturm, left, appeared perturbed by the antics of his classmates Joey Stohmaier, right, and Hadyn Schroeder.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Morrie Jacks weeps while praying at a recent evening service at United Methodist Church in Toledo.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG St. John's Titans baseball players, clockwise from bottom left, Dan Kujawa, Tim Corbey, Val Helldobler, Jake Cappelletty, Ryan Mouch, Ross Hartwig, and Mike Wilson, have been teammates since they played together as little leaguers on the Glass City Indians squad.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Glenwood Elementary School 5th grade teacher Deb Reiter cries out with laughter as a student sprays her with hair coloring while her fellow teacher, Christine Price, right, is surrounded by students covering her in green, pink and purple as a reward for the school's students achievement on state proficiency tests.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fare Thee Well, Toledo

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Spectators watch as Cross Light Inc. of Sunman, Ind., tests the $650,000 pylon lighting system on the Veterans’ Glass City Skyway on Monday evening. When operational, the system will be able to display 16.7 million combinations of colors in the lighting arrays inset into the bridge’s main tower on the Maumee River.

Balancing Act

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THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Shawn Lincoln, 16, empties plates and cups into the dish bin on a recent Saturday morning at the Monroe Street Diner. He works so that he can help ease the burden on his mother, Karen Lincoln, with whom he lives. "She's the only one running the household. Everything is coming out of my mom's pocket and nobody else is helping," Shawn said. "If its buying groceries, if its buying a gallon of milk, that's doing a lot because my mom won't have to do it."

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Jamie Wilson, left, 16, and Rioshia Pettis, 17, center, laugh as they walk to lunch with Shawn Lincoln at Scott High School. Shawn reluctantly dropped out of the band at school so that he could contribute financially around the house.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Tom and Del Hayes of Toledo chat with their favorite busboy, Shawn Lincoln, on a recent Saturday morning at the Monroe Street Diner.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Shawn Lincoln skates to the rhythm of the music on a recent Saturday evening at Skatin' Station II in Canton, Mich. Skating is Shawn's passion. "It calms me down, it makes me feel good, it takes my mind off of everything," he said.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Toledo 24: Scott Softball

Toledo 24: Scott Softball

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Having discovered there were no bases for their game against Rogers High School, Scott Bulldogs softball players Keahna Sawyer, center left, Ashayla Yancey, center, and Ashlyn Smith sang "Rockin' Robin" before the game to pass the time.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Ashlyn Smith is Scott High School's best player, a power hitter who pitches and plays third base.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG The Bulldogs gather next to their bench after going down one run in the early innings of their game.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

TV Cameramen...and City League Softball Action

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Whitmer centerfielder Kelly Molloy gathers a run-scoring single by St. Ursula's Shannon Masterson which eluded the diving efforts of left fielder Jacque Measley in the first inning. The run made the difference in the game as St. Ursula advanced to the City League championships with a 1-0 at the University of Toledo's Scott Park campus on Saturday.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Whitmer first base coach Vince Maraugha shows his disappointment as the Panthers' Kendall Kulakowski can't quite beat the throw to St. Ursula first baseman Shannon Masterson in the fourth inning.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Anthony Wayne's Night

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG At the Northern Lake League championship on Friday night, Jimmy Cross, left, anchored the squad from Anthony Wayne in the Boys 4x200 Meter Relay in a time of 1:30.6, besting their closest opponent, Sylvania Southview, anchored by Bernard Pinckney, right, by .4 seconds. Anthony Wayne dominated the field to win its second straight league title by tallying 171 points to runner-up Southview’s 127.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Future Spellers of America

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Hannah Gombash, 9, a 3rd grader at Park Elementary in Swanton, nervously holds up her spelling of "squirrel" in the first round of the third-grade division of the Fulton County Spelling Contest on Tuesday in Wauseon.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMERG Matt Benecke, 9, of Archbold Elementary, reacts to his mom JoAnn Benecke telling him the correct spelling of "bicycle," a word that he missed in his opening round of the third grade division of the spelling contest.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Toledo 24: Garage Band

Toledo 24: Garage Band

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Steve Davis, 17, the drummer for the band Still Life, listens as guitarist Tony Salazar, Jr. tunes up.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Sam Maran, 17, works the recorders and mixers for Tony when he is not playing bass or singing.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Guitarist Tony Salazar, Jr., 20, lays down tracks for the band's first album.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

St. John's v. Clay

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG St. John's Mike Wilson got a face full of dirt but also scored a run in the third by beating the tag of Clay catcher Rex Groll.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Clay Eagles first baseman Al Timofeev makes a great effort to catch a foul ball over the fence to end St. Johns' fourth inning. The Eagles fell 9-2 to the Titans and are now 18-2, 6-2 in the City League.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Erik Kynard

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Rogers High School 6-foot-5 sophomore Erik Kynard has jumped 7-feet at an indoor meet and has his sights set on breaking the state record of 7-2¼. “I was dreaming about going to the Olympics next year but I’m not going to be old enough because you have to be 18 and I’ll only be 17,” Kynard said.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

God Goes Bowling in Bowling Green

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG A vehicle casts a shower onto an auto going in the opposite direction as they plow along Main Street in Bowling Green during Tuesday afternoon's storm which brought lightning, funnel cloud sightings and hail to Northwest Ohio.

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG A lightning strike seen from South Main Street in Bowling Green was just one element of the violent storms that rocked the Toledo area.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dognapped and Duct Taped

THE BLADE/ERIC SUMBERG Jerry Dalton, owner of Jerry’s Pub, holds a shaken Hector, his long-haired Chihuahua, a day after he was dognapped, held for $50 ransom, bound with duct tape, a broken electrical device, and wires to look like a bomb and thrown through the open front door of his owner’s North Toledo bar. Latonia Hill, 35, the ex-girlfriend of Mr. Dalton's son, was charged with inducing panic, cruelty to animals, and menacing.