Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Search for Bradley Olsen

Chronicle photo ERIC SUMBERG The immediate relatives of Bradley Olsen — his sister, Tracy Feece (clockwise from left); father, Bill Olsen; brother, Billy Olsen; sister-in-law, Megan Olsen; nephew and godson, Brady Feece; daughter, Meredith Olsen; and mother, Sue Olsen (center) — stand Saturday in front of a tree that was decorated with lights and yellow ribbons by his extended family (background) to help keep his memory alive. The tree, which is in front of the Maple Park Civic Center, was decorated Dec. 1. Bradley Olsen, who has been missing since Jan. 20, was last seen at the former Bar One in DeKalb. His parents recently joined forces with the families of four other missing people in the Chicago area to provide support for each other and to help search for lost family members.


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