Monday, February 16, 2009

February 14th, One Year Later

One year ago, I covered the shootings at Northern Illinois University, an event that was a defining moment in my journalism career. Certain truths emerged from that day: I learned that I could do my job under pressure, I learned that the closer a journalist was to death the more notoriety their work would receive and I learned that I had seen all that I could ever want to see of human tragedy on this scale.

This past weekend, I decided to come back to DeKalb to see friends and former co-workers and to attend some of the ceremonies in remembrance of the five students who lost their lives. These pictures are by me as an observer, someone who wished only to be there. But, I found myself unable to not 'cover' the event, perhaps because it still allows me to have that distance of the lens. It is something with which I continue to grapple.

Flowers in the door of Cole Hall, the site of the shooting.

Similar to the makeshift crosses that sprang up near Cole Hall last year, five crosses were mounted for people to leave flowers and notes near the site of the shooting.

The media attention, though far from what it was last year, remained substantial.

Members of the family of Daniel Parmenter, one of five students who lost his life on February 14th, laid a wreath at a ceremony at the site of a planned Memorial Garden.

Northern Illinois University President John Peters walked among the five memorials after the wreath laying ceremony.

Hundreds filed silently past the memorial after the ceremony on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday to Thursday; NYC

So f-ing hip it hurts. Bowery and Houston, Sunday.

Ah, the joy of being married in taffeta. Under the Brooklyn Bridge, Saturday.

Lady Liberty, from afar.

Winter Jam NYC. East River Park, Thursday.